Nadia Robinson is from Brooklyn, New York and started her brand From, Nadia at 20 years old.  By saving her money she was able to invest in her business and product idea.  She felt it was time to build her closet with quality pieces by purchasing or creating her own.    
New York City was all she knew after attending grade and middle school in Brooklyn and High school in Manhattan.  After attending one year in Delaware for college she came to the realization that there’s no place like home.  Hello Dorothy!  So coming back to her roots allowed Nadia to really figure out that she wants to work in fashion. 
Growing up she always had a creative eye.  Seeing the beauty in things like chipped ceiling paint in my childhood bedroom (She swears her ceiling had Abraham Lincoln on it!),  Hand sculpting a teacup-elephant at 11 years old,  And of course growing a strong interest for cobble-stone streets and their historical beauty. 
During her Junior year at Baruch College the plan came into fruition.  Nadia's vision was of course inspired by NYC and it’s architecture/infrastructure.  By her senior year she launched the first piece, our “THIA” Bag.